Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Blah, Blah. Blah: General Comments

After several requests, I have finally decided to post a post for general comments. When making general comments unrelated to the blog entries from our guest bloggers, you can use this positing. This will enable a more concise extention of class room discussions & current events discussions unrelated to specific weekly blog entries!
Blog away my friends!
Dr. D.


S. Adams said...

Political Pigs No More!

On Election Day, Tuesday November 8th, 2005 vote NO to Sandra Shultz Newman and Russell Nigro. These are judges who will appear on the ballot with the question should these judges be reinstated. Say no to these political pigs and others who will come up for reelection in the future! No these pigs did not vote for the pay raise however just like the others they bellied up to the trough by accepting this irresponsible raise. They are no better and must go! So show the political pigs that we are fed up vote NO to Sandra Shultz Newman and Russell Nigro!

Dr. D. said...

I am assuming that you are referring to the Pennsylvania state elections?

Dr. D. said...

Well, I guess it worked -- it seems that the State Senate has repealed the bill that gave them substantial pay raises -- although the house is trying to tip-toe over the legalities by (in a sneaky way) allow judges to appeal the repeal of the bill, and therefore also keep their pay raises in line.
This stinks -- especially if you are a tax payer and and want transparency with your elected officials.
So kudos to the Pennsylvania electorate for not letting this issue go and keep your elected officials knowing that they can get booted out if they try sneaky tactics again!

MadMax said...

I recently found out that an organization called The Stonewall Democrats are planning “retirement parties” nationwide for U.S. Senator Rick Santorum. This is an effort to besmirch the status of a well thought of elected official by a gay-lesbian group, who have their own ungodly agenda. I do believe that all Americans have the right, and possibly the duty, to dissent when a wrongdoing has occurred. This however is nothing more than a blasphemous deed intended to displace a good, no a great Senator. I believe that our great state will experience a huge loss if they are successful in their endeavors. We should not allow this to happen. It is time for us to follow our conscience and speak out for decency.

Anonymous said...

Screw u MadMax

If anyone is interested in hosting or attending a retirement party for Senator Rick Santorum check out www.party2win.com

Anonymous said...

Torture Ideas for Dick!

I know that you’re probably busy right now trying to keep your arse out of a sling, so I thought I’d help you out. Here are my top five ideas on how you can torture people without causing “permanent damage”.

5.Pull out their hair, strand by strand.

4.Throw sharp darts at their ass.

3.Force them to watch a marathon weekend of “Three’s Company”.

2.Put Ben-Gay in their jock straps.

1. Make them listen to William Hung over and over and over again.

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