Thursday, March 09, 2006

Buldozing over with democracy

The idea that the Bush administration cannot teach us that democracy cannot be forced on anyone is completely assanine. This is exactly what this administration has attempted to do: to shove democracy down the throats of nations who have not established themselves as democracies. I don't understand when the United States decided that it had the right to infringe on the sovereignty of other nations, by entering uncharted territories, and wiping anyone who disagreed with non-democratic ideas. Who was the United States to chastize communism during the 80s? While I don't agree with Communism myself, I do not think that the United States had the right to just go after any country which adopted a Communist stance on an issue. The mere idea that democracy could be forced on anyone is an oxymoron in itself, as democracy must be wanted by the people, not forced on them. One cannot pick up a cookie-cutter idea of what democracy is, and simply just stick it onto a country such as Iraq, expecting for everything to fall into place, and for the little cracks to fit together. This is not how things work, and I think that the mere idea of forcing democracy on someone else goes completely against every tenet of democracy.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

aren't FAT' people the same as 'NORMAL' people???


last week i was reading an article about how 'fat' people in the US are treated. its quite sad to read that 'fat' people are paid 30% less than 'normal looking' people. also, when big people enter clothing stores, they are usually treated rudely or given a cold shoulder. when research was done, store workers, usually women, said that they were nicer to a 'fat' woman if she was carring a diet coke instead of an ice cream because that shows that she was trying to loose weight.

so, this is a class for human rights... and ... don't i, a 'fat' person have equal human rights. dont i have the right to be paid the same amount as others, without facing discrimination - simply because i have a little more 'junk in my trunk'????

Monday, March 06, 2006

Is Democracy for Everyone?

In a recent article, the editors debated the merits of promoting democracy abroad. A strong case was made in "The Case for Democracy" about the need for democracy in developing societies, like Iraq. What do you think?

Chilling Sign of a Lesson Not Learned

Amnesty attacks 'dire' Iraq Abuse following interviews with ex-inmates which showed that the lessons of Abu Ghraib jail scandal has clearly not been learned. This BBC article summarizes the Amnesty report that speaks out against the blantant disregard for basic human rights for the detaniees in the Iraqi prison.