Friday, November 24, 2006

More trouble in Iraq

More horrific violence coming out of Iraq this week, it's the highest death toll from violence between the two major sects of Islam. Shiite militia members took a large number of sunnis and burned them alive. Here's the worst part: Iraqi soldiers stood nearby and watched as these militia members torched human beings. This leads to the big question: is the US presence in Iraq actually doing any good in the area? It seems to a lot of people like the US invasion has lead to a lot more harm than good. Is this just the struggles of a nation that's recently achieved freedom, or violence brought on by the US's removal of a the keystone that held the country together. I'm in no way supporting Saddam, but it seems like things get worse on a day to day basis over there.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Cultural Relativism at its worst

Human Rights -- Human Wrongs

I know about realpolitik. I know about oil. I know about keeping the Middle East stable. But if you're not viscerally offended by the idea of a U.S. official flying to Saudi Arabia to apologize to King Abdullah for punishing a rapist, there's something wrong with you.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Chinese official admits torture

We've seen it all over the world, and now it seems to be happening in China; officials torturing suspects in order to get confessions. What is especially interesting in this case is that someone actually admitted that these acts were being done. Wow! This is a refreshing change. Someone in the Chinese government took responsibility and admitted the truth. Only after this will China be able to correct these corrupt policies. I find it horrifying that confessions obtained through the use of torture are still being used in courts. It is absolutly inexcusable to put the wrong person to death. Now that Wang Zhenchuan has admitted the abuses, what is to be done? Who will investigate? Will anyone investigate? Should the ICC get involved?