Friday, November 24, 2006

More trouble in Iraq

More horrific violence coming out of Iraq this week, it's the highest death toll from violence between the two major sects of Islam. Shiite militia members took a large number of sunnis and burned them alive. Here's the worst part: Iraqi soldiers stood nearby and watched as these militia members torched human beings. This leads to the big question: is the US presence in Iraq actually doing any good in the area? It seems to a lot of people like the US invasion has lead to a lot more harm than good. Is this just the struggles of a nation that's recently achieved freedom, or violence brought on by the US's removal of a the keystone that held the country together. I'm in no way supporting Saddam, but it seems like things get worse on a day to day basis over there.


hewhowould said...

Saddam was the keystone that held the country “together”, just as the Tsarist period and Communism held all of Russia together. I believe Iraq is on the verge of civil war. It can be argued that it is not a civil war but rather a religious war within in the country. Either way you look at it the country is split and both sides are battling for power. I may seem cold hearted but what if the US pulls out militarily but still remains to help the wounded and provide support for the civilians with food and medical treatment. Many will die but how many will die if the US stays and forms a buffer zone? The only way to stop the bloodshed is if the UN and the rest of the world steps in and help shut down the entire country and thus creating a forceful peace agreement between the fighting factions, which would never take place I do believe.

Alex K said...

there's no way that would take place, you're absolutly correct. the only problem with the buffer idea, however, is that the violence and fighting would spead across the entire middle east, and the entire region would be destablizied for years to come, leading to a redrawing of all the maps. think about the poor mapmakers!