Sunday, November 26, 2006

Iran and Syria helping to rearm Hizballah

I smell another war in the mist. Iran is smuggling weapons through Syria to re-arm Hizballah. Western diplomats in Beirut says that the weapon estimates are low and that in actuality the weapons smuggled across the board come close to 20,00 short-range missiles (the estimates are around 3,00 missiles). Now if that’s not frightening enough just read this….

“Moreover, Obaid says, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard and Iran's Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS) are using the Iranian embassies in Damascus and Beirut as command and control centers -- an allegation that was also confirmed to TIME by Israeli military sources. Obaid says there appear to be direct communications links between the Iranians and Hizballah, via Hizballah officers working inside the Iranian embassy in Beirut, and Iranian officers in the field with Hizballah fighters”

No wonder why the UN can’t stop the smuggling of arms across the boarder. The article brings up the point that it might be Iran’s attempt to expand Shi’ite influence throughout the Middle-East. Just for the icing on the cake Hizballah broke the UN cease fire and the Lebanese government wants to bring a few Syrians to a UN tribunal court for trying to blow up a few cabinet members. Does not look good for the credibility of UN law

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thisisnotathens said...

Along with the West being wary of the growing influence of the Shiites, so are many Sunni nations. For the most part of recent history, Sunnis have been the dominate force in the Muslim world and now this is slipping.There is a rising "Shiite Crescent" looming over the Middle East. From Iran, to Syria, to Lebanon, and now in Iraq, Sunnis are uncomfortable with this shift in power. Iran's determination to gain more influences is even more evident with its flagrant support for Hezbollah. War? Maybe, but something has to happen.