Monday, November 27, 2006

Although the Right, there Still are Wrongs

Although the previous blog highlights a positive aspect about the genocide in Sudan, difficulties with the struggle continue to arise. Today, it was reported that Darfur rebels attacked an oil field in Southern Kordofan (east of all previous attacks, extending towards central Sudan). The attack in Kordofan by the National Redemption Front (NRF) shows a leap in the range of their campaign since they have traditionally remained in Northern Darfur. The NRF stated that it destroyed the government garrison guarding the oil field; however, the Sudanese military stated that its forces repelled the attack, claiming that efforts to extend violence to other parts of Sudan have failed. If discrepancies between the military and rebels continue, they will make recognizing, and consequently solving the problems with Darfur much more difficult. It is encouraging to know that some progress is being made with Darfur (e.g. identification of perpetrators, enlargement of African Union force, etc.), but progress will be stifled if the NRF can successfully expand its violent campaign. Also, the persistence of discrepancies will provide hurdles for those within and outside of Sudan.

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buckley said...

I think this event is positive, well mostly. The NRF's desire to expand its military campaign could potentially increase instability in the area, and is a cause for concern. However, the Sudanese military was able to thwart the attack. This is a promising event, because it shows the Sudanese military is willing to engage the NRF and contain their sphere of influence in the region. If the NRF's campaign is restricted to a specific region the AU's ability to effectively act as peacemakers, and ultimately as peacekeepers increases dramatically.