Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Video Games and our friend Dozier

This is a study emphasizing the complaints of neurotic parents, video games do have an effect on the brain. Violent video games produced effects in the different areas of brain resulting in decreased self-control and activating the fight or flight response. This supports Dozier's ideas of the repto-mammalian brain; there is no real threat to the child's survival yet the game is able to arouse that response, demonstrating the susceptibility of the primitive part of the brain. Further research is needed to see if there are any long term effects on the brain from violent video games.


thisisnotathens said...

First off, I play video games. I have been playing violent video games for quite a while now, so I am interested in the debate over whether simply playing games will make one more likely to be a violent person. Personally I do not think that it does, since I have not seen any of the effects first hand from either myself or my friends that play. Although I don't deny that games have an effect on people, which they obviously do according to this study, I don't think they will make a non-violent person lash out. Perhaps it affects people who already are violent, but in my experience this is not true for all people.

Also, even if violent video games do make people more violent, I think the regulations that are in place work. I am opposed to any censorship in any form. Currently the responsibility is on parents to review the content and decide if it is suitable for their children, but if some people have their way, they would edit the content to make all games acceptable for all ages. I hope this study does not become the basis for such action

sms said...

The study needs to account for the fact that individuals who are innately violent tend to be attracted to violent video games more than naturally pacifistic people. Despite this, I feel that video games would make the individuals who play them more violent if the exposure was significant. Dozier seems to imply this. In his book, he states that we can decrease the impact of our reptomammal by using it less. He draws a connection between the human brain and a muscle. The more something is used, the stronger it becomes. By continuously playing video games and exposing yourself to violent scenes, you are strengthening the reptomammal part of your brain and therefore you would be more prone to violence in your own life.

hewhowould said...

I have also been playing video games for quite some time now and do most of my friends. Most of the time we play a multi-player game called Halo and I do not believe it makes us more violent but we do get worked up over the game. We get worked up because of the competition between us and because we are not actually doing any physical activity the verbal trash talking increases both in volume of the speech and vulgarity but we all are able to walk away from the game and not want to go out and kill someone or break something.