Wednesday, November 29, 2006

When is a CIA blunder worth American justice?

Check out this article about the "extraordinary rendered" Khaled al-Masri who was "grabbed by Macedonian agents, handed off to junior CIA operatives in Skopje (Macedonia) and then secretly flown to a prison in Afghanistan that didn't officially exist". He was subjected to "extreme interrogation techniques", which you can read about in the article.
The article is about whether he has a right to sue the US government -- he was an innocent man -- the CIA made a mistake -- a big one. So what should be done?

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hewhowould said...

I believe Khaled al-Masri has the right to go to court and present the evidence of his kidnapping and sue the US Government. The information of National Security is no longer a secret and because he is in the US and in a US courtroom he is guarantied the Bill of Rights. Even though he is a German citizen, I believe he is still entitled to them. If legally he is not guarantied the rights then he should bring them to the German government and ask them to bring his case to the UN Judicial Courts, with the charge of human rights violations against the US. Also the Judge is able to rule whether or not the information against Khaled al-Masri is of national security or not. This article also brings to mind about the blog which talks about Germany bringing charges of violating the Geneva Convention resolutions on torture to members of the Bush administration. If Khaled Al-Masri wins, oh what a precedence it will create and all those who where wrongly accused and suffered at the hands of the CIA will also try and sue the US Government. Also if the court rules in favor of Khaled al-Masri, it will give non- US citizens the right to sue the US Government for different reasons as well…..