Wednesday, November 29, 2006

A little late

It's a little late, I know, but what's a class in human rights violations without a nod to one of America's biggest fumbles, the mistreating of the Natives of our great land. This article is a little out there, but it makes an incredible point that American's celebrate holidays without realizing what it is they're celebrating. Thanksgiving and Columbus Day are the two big fall holidays that come to mind, both of which essentially celebrate the destruction of a native culture. Columbus, of course, known mainly for the "discovery" of the new world (it was discovered by the people who walked here in the last ice age, and the Vikings after them), was a little less known for his other feats, namely spreading plague and raping and torturing locals. Thanksgiving is thought of as a celebration of togetherness, and every good American schoolchild is shown the image of the pilgrims and the Natives sitting down to eat together, yet this article paints a very different picture of the feast, one that more people should know about, rather than the one sided history taught in schoolbooks today. The overall question here, is it right to celebrate holiday's that historically celebrate human rights violations, even if the messages behind them are good?

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