Sunday, November 26, 2006


Thousands of Ukrainians gathered in Kiev this Saturday to remember the millions that died under Stalin's rule. In 1932-33, some 33,000 people died every day of starvation. The Ukrainian Parliament is asking the world to recognize Stalin's systematic starvation as a genocide against the Ukrainian people. Starvation was a tactic that Stalin devised in order to force the Ukrainian peasants to turn over their private farms and become part of the collective farmland that the USSR was developing.
The Russian government has refrained from labeling this event as genocide and have been referring to the incident as a tragedy. They claim that Stalin's campaign did not specifically target Ukrainians.
So far ten nations, including the United States, have recognized the starvation of the Ukrainian people as a genocide.

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hewhowould said...

The Soviets used Gosplan as an economic backbone, as we all know, which was just a bunch of officials who changed the expected outputs of products such as grains and nails to what ever they felt was a “good” number, which ultimately left the country in ruins because quantity was more important then quality. Stalin also caused famines and also killed thousands in order to scare Russians into joining the Communist Party. It was his attempt to unify the country. Does that justify killing millions? No, but the last time a Russian official came out and criticized Stalin and apologized caused an even greater downfall of the Russian people. What would the apology actually accomplish because the Russian government does not have the resources to make and retributions to all the ex-Russian countries?