Thursday, November 30, 2006

Sixth-grader Tasered in School

I decided to share this article in light of the recent attention to the tasering incident at UCLA. This is case is particularly interesting because the kid who was tasered was 11-years-old.
The 11-year-old was having a dispute with a female classmate during lunch that became physical and in order to separate the two the boy was tasered twice. He was tasered by a school resource officer with the local police department. It seems particularly worth reviewing the use of tasers especially in a Middle School were I could not imagine many of the kids are big enough that they could not be controlled by other, less harmful, means.


Anonymous said...

It is interesting that both of them were fighting, and only the boy was tasered. I am not an expert, but I do not think there is much of a difference in size between boys and girls when they are 11-years-old.

Excuse my "French," but what in the hell does anyone need at taser for in Middle School? Has violence in Middle Schools gotten that bad that an adult would feel the need to carry a taser to fend off little 4ft kids?

Solution: we need to torture the security officer who did this.


--Kristy G

VAgirl said...

Honestly I feel that probably there has been a lot of hype concerning the latest taserings with both this and the UCLA incident. I do agree that it is interesting that the boy was the only one tasered. But at the same time I don't understand why a taser was involved at all? Middle School students are not large enough that a teacher cannot control/stop a fight between two (especially if one was a girl).

Personally, the situation seems probably hyped up by the journalist who published this article and that under the circumstances maybe someone just panicked and the taser was used. But I believe tasers should not been given to administrators especially in a middle school!

Malika said...

I am really beginning to think that perhaps the police need better training as to when to use and when NOT to use a taser gun. You don't use it on an 11 year old and you don't use it on an UNARMED student as he is LEAVING the library.

mar-r said...

exactly. If they can taser a passive college student working in a library, it's sad but it's really not surprising that they are continuing their abuse of the power. I agree that police need better training, especially in how to control a situation, which doesn't always mean by force.

When I was in middle school teachers were always able to break up fights, so why do people feel the need to taser an 11 year old?
Honestly, I've never seen an 11-year-old boy that would be capable of seriously holding off an adult man.