Wednesday, April 15, 2009

One country Two laws

It is terrifying, disgusting and heart wrecking to watch such a video so I suggest that you don't watch it. It made me feel sick in my stomach to watch something like this happening in my own country. The situation in Pakistan just gets worse by the day. It is shocking that within one country, there are two different laws. The parliament, which is actually another name for the President (Zardari), has allowed Sharia to be applied in Swat. This comes as a shock and horror story to all Pakistanis. Sitting in the capital you feel that you are safe and far away from all this, but that is not true now. It keeps getting closer and closer just like it did in Nazi Germany when one day they finally come and knock on your door to come and take you. It is truly terrifying. How is it possible for one country to survive on one law. What will come of this decision? WIll Sharia have to be implemented all over or will the Supreme Court over turn the decision. The irony is that this is an unlawful decision addressing the law. One thinks what can you do in such a situation. The Chief Justice was recently restored. It is time that he stands up to all the pillars he was supporting before he was reinstated and fights to unite the country under one law.