Friday, March 16, 2007

Nobel Winner warns U.N. on Darfur

It has been more than four years since the conflict in Darfur erupted. The Genocide of the 21st century. And it seems that little has happened or is going to happen. We know what happened in Cambodia, Rwanda, the former Yugoslavia. That was in the "past." This just happens to be now, and still there is little hope to report.

In this report by the NY Times, a Nobel Prize Winner warned the United Nations Human Rights Council that it would "lose credibility" if it did not hold the Sudanese government responsible for the atrocities it is committing against its people. Although I applaud his courage to stand up to the 47-nation-member Council, I am skeptical about the results that would come out of this declaration. So, the U.N. says the Sudanese government's actions are deplorable. Does that mean that there will be any improvement in the situation is Darfur from here on end? Does it mean the genocide will miraculously come to a halt?

The entire point of the United Nations was to serve as an international body that would come together in times of political crises and atrocities. Where did we lose this point, I wonder?

Political Squabbling

I'm sure all have heard or read about General Pace's comments about gays and lesbians in the armed forces for the United States. Now, as with all of our stupid political issues in this country, Presidential candidates have begun to take sides and support either the General's view or the opposite view. In the second to last paragraph, Mitt Romney said "He can believe what he wants to, that's the great thing about America -- believe in what you want. But in a governmental setting, the right way to go is to show more of an outpouring of tolerance." Why doesn't every other politician understand that statement? THis country was built on the fundamental rights of FREEDOM. A person can believe whatever they want to believe, but when that belief starts to infringe upon someone else's rights there is an issue. When will political squabbling end. This is a stupid issue for people to take sides....SEPERATION OF CHURCH AND STATE. I understand that people have their morals and fundamental ideals in life rooted from religion. I am no different, but why do people need to express dislike and hatred. It sounds stupid, but maybe we have to go back to preschool again and say that if you don't have something nice to say about people don't say it at all. This is stupid political issue. People are dying around the world. Soldiers are being killed, along with many innocent people in Iraq. And all this time, people are starving and people are killing each other in our OWN COUNTRY. Hey, here's a thought, instead of investing over $100 Billion in this defense spending, lets try and make the United States a better place to live before we go out and force other people to live the way "we do". We have enough of our own problems in teh United States that we should fix up before we get caught up in other countries. When will political discourse and action be taken to better the United States instead of hypocrisy and destruction abroad? When will someone step in and handle the important issues in this country instead of making hateful comments about someone's sexual preference?

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Gays in the Military are Okay if they Die for their Country -- but not if they're "Out"

Wow. What a revelation. One of the leading generals in the U.S. has called gays "immoral" -- and is strongly in support of the "Don't ask, don't tell" policy in the U.S. military. So are we fighting a holy war or what? What does his opinion have to do with the fact that there are actually gay men and lesbians serving in the U.S. military -- and get this -- dying for the U.S. But I guess it's okay if they're dead gays and lesbians -- at least they didn't "out" themselves. I can only imagine how those gays and lesbians serving and dying for the U.S. must feel when they hear their commander's views on their morality. I wonder if General Pace has ever thought about that? Should this man really be heading up the U.S military effort in Iraq?