Friday, March 16, 2007

Political Squabbling

I'm sure all have heard or read about General Pace's comments about gays and lesbians in the armed forces for the United States. Now, as with all of our stupid political issues in this country, Presidential candidates have begun to take sides and support either the General's view or the opposite view. In the second to last paragraph, Mitt Romney said "He can believe what he wants to, that's the great thing about America -- believe in what you want. But in a governmental setting, the right way to go is to show more of an outpouring of tolerance." Why doesn't every other politician understand that statement? THis country was built on the fundamental rights of FREEDOM. A person can believe whatever they want to believe, but when that belief starts to infringe upon someone else's rights there is an issue. When will political squabbling end. This is a stupid issue for people to take sides....SEPERATION OF CHURCH AND STATE. I understand that people have their morals and fundamental ideals in life rooted from religion. I am no different, but why do people need to express dislike and hatred. It sounds stupid, but maybe we have to go back to preschool again and say that if you don't have something nice to say about people don't say it at all. This is stupid political issue. People are dying around the world. Soldiers are being killed, along with many innocent people in Iraq. And all this time, people are starving and people are killing each other in our OWN COUNTRY. Hey, here's a thought, instead of investing over $100 Billion in this defense spending, lets try and make the United States a better place to live before we go out and force other people to live the way "we do". We have enough of our own problems in teh United States that we should fix up before we get caught up in other countries. When will political discourse and action be taken to better the United States instead of hypocrisy and destruction abroad? When will someone step in and handle the important issues in this country instead of making hateful comments about someone's sexual preference?


Malika said...

I agree with John's post entirely. It seems that these days there is little difference between opinions and political issues. It seems that anything, including whether or not homosexual behavior is immoral, and they can serve in the military is used to get votes or to create drama.
Also, I don't buy "immoral" argument. This nation is built upon freedom--of speech, expression, religion. To say that a certain sexual orientation is "immoral" and therefore disqualifies people from serving in the military is preposterous.

morgan marks said...

I think tolerance needs to be shown in all aspects of our country - both political and non-political. We take for granted where we come from, what our country stands for, and what we should all be so lucky to be a part of - I don't care if you are gay/straight/lesbian/african-american/
caucasian/latino/pacific-islander - if you drive an expensive car, have a mansion house - you get my pt. we all come from every walk of life, yet we all belong to the same country, founded on the same principles - so why is it that we constantly want to put each other down for our differences? Yes, you may have a different religious system than someone, and you both may think you are right and the other is wrong, BUT, what ever happened to tolerance and realizing we are all Americans - we are all HUMANS. We have forgotten what it means to be an American. And this forgetfulness is sad and dangerous, considering the people holding high positions in our society cannot see past their own set of moral beliefs to make decisions for the whole of people in this country, the people they are supposed to be representing - one can only hope when it is time, and it has been time, to make the hard and important decisions, the people in power's moral beliefs will fall by the wayside. It is so hard for me to discuss the decision to enter Iraq, especially after our guest speaker yesterday - Yes, our country needs help, but so do people abroad, and as the strongest country in the world, I think it is our obligation based on the fact that the people abroad are human beings just like us, to intervene and help somehow, as well as help the people in our own country.