Friday, March 16, 2007

Nobel Winner warns U.N. on Darfur

It has been more than four years since the conflict in Darfur erupted. The Genocide of the 21st century. And it seems that little has happened or is going to happen. We know what happened in Cambodia, Rwanda, the former Yugoslavia. That was in the "past." This just happens to be now, and still there is little hope to report.

In this report by the NY Times, a Nobel Prize Winner warned the United Nations Human Rights Council that it would "lose credibility" if it did not hold the Sudanese government responsible for the atrocities it is committing against its people. Although I applaud his courage to stand up to the 47-nation-member Council, I am skeptical about the results that would come out of this declaration. So, the U.N. says the Sudanese government's actions are deplorable. Does that mean that there will be any improvement in the situation is Darfur from here on end? Does it mean the genocide will miraculously come to a halt?

The entire point of the United Nations was to serve as an international body that would come together in times of political crises and atrocities. Where did we lose this point, I wonder?

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HeWhoWould said...

Action starts with one man speaking out, yet the right man has to speak out to the right group or nothing will happen. The Nobel prize winner is a great person to speak out against the Genocide in Darfur but not to the UN. From what I have read about the UN, the UN only responds to countries and not singular voices. I do not think the UN will do much for Darfur after the Nobel Prize Winners speech. I think it will take a major player in the UN to like Britain, Germany, even France to get the ball rolling. The issue with Darfur is the oil that it holds and the willingness of China to obtain the oil at the price of many Darfurians.