Monday, March 19, 2007

Should Lancaster, PA go the route of Hazelton, PA?

The suggestion is that federal inaction on the immigration front has prompted local and state-level ordinances to curb illegal immigration. Do you think the Hazelton, PA model is appropriate? Should Lancaster, PA adopt it as well?


John Q. said...

YES! Lancaster and every other community should follow the lead of Hazelton, PA!

Someone on CNN mentioned that the illegals were being targeted, like criminals; well slap me silly and call me Sally they are criminals. They crossed the border illegally. If someone decides to practice law without a law degree, or operates on someone without a medical license, what would happen? I am so sick of being accused of racism, by the bleeding hearts that have no basis for their argument. Years ago and even now, if someone wants to come over from Europe, they may need a sponsor, that will guarantee our government that they will work, and oh by the way will also be responsible for medical bills in case of sickness. Let all these liberal supporters sponsor an illegal immigrant. Put the politicians feet to the fire.

Anonymous said...

I could not agree more! I am a child of immigrants who entered legally into this country AND learned to speak English to become an AMERICAN. I have many Asian friends who came here legally, learned English, became citizens, and are an integral part of the community. They are furious that illegal aliens can just walk in, demand their language be spoken, and live here and work here illegally, and in the process receive benefits that they themselves don't have because they cannot afford them.

Why, when you call a government office or a company that are US and supposed to be English speaking, do you get the Spanish option. This is NOT NOW AND NEVER HAS BEEN a bilingual country. I could go on and on but will stop now

morgan marks said...

O john q. - Have you ever known an illegal immigrant, someone who escaped their home country? Have you actually ever met one, spoken to one - heard why they came here 'illegally?' Yes, some have harmed this country, but you can't forget about all the ones who are fleeing to save their lives and fleeing because of fear. All they want is help, and a chance - and they show up in our 'land of the free, and home of the brave,' to find themselves labeled as 'criminals,' and some are thrown into prison. That is not justice. For someone who has entered our country only wanting help, we treat them like someone who we call an 'American' and a citizen of our country who has committed an actual crime, like murder. As for the next comment, anonymous - Do you really believe that to be an American you must speak the English language? I am not stating my opinion on that, as it is a touchy subject, but what ever happened to the outlook of America as a melting pot? Full of color and full of differences ... as an 'immigrant,' I would hope you could find it somewhere in your heart to relate to the other immigrants who come to this country as your parents did.

JusticeBaker said...

John Q I am glad that you can be the moral compass for our country, somone needs to be. Those immigrants are out of control, and they are breaking the law, so they should be targeted by our government. Crimials should pay. Since we are labelling people, lump me, you and almost everyone I know in that category. Lets call anyone that has illegally downloaded music, snuck into a movie, parked illegal, drank underage, or smoked weed a criminal, and lets all be targeted.
You know the label criminal is starting to grow on me already. I will gladly be a criminal if it means that I take enough agency, and stock in my life that I will take life in hand and flee from an impovrished, forsaken country with no opportunites to a country of "opportunity" and prosperity.

Let me put a scenario to anyone else who is passing judgement on immigrants. Reguardless of how you found yourself in this situation, what would you do? You are impovrished, your husband died, you have three children, your countries economy is non-existant. You have no work experience and droppedout of school in junior high. Then there is America overflowing with whealth and plenty of manual labor opportunites, what would you do? I know, i know, you would never be in that situation. But what if you were?

I am not claiming that illigal immigration is ok, but you should take a few steps in their shoes before pass judgement, what would you do?