Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Is there a link between illegal immigration & Increased Crime Rates?

The article linked to this post discusses the relationship between illegal immigration and increased crime rates in Hazelton, PA. This was one of the arguments we talked about for curbing illegal immigration.
What do you think?

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zain said...

The article reminds me of the demographic transition that Lancaster City is going through at present. I was talking to a criminal attorney from the city the other day, and he informed me that the crime rate and the growth of Hispanic population are directly related. In the past years, the streets in downtown Lancaster have started to be dominated by gangs (especially Hispanic) who deal in drugs and controlled substances. On more than one occasions inter-gang rivalries have resulted in violence and even killings.
The surging crime rate in Lancaster has affected all of us. It is no longer safe even to walk through downtown after it gets dark. Additionally, there have been incidents where college students have been robbed and harassed by different gangs. Just for a moment, let us think from the perspective of those citizens who have been living in Lancaster for years and years, how should they feel about the influx of Hispanic population and the alleged increase in crime rates? How would you react, if you let a homeless person spend a night at your home, and the next day that person kidnaps your son and demands for money?
I do not want to sound harsh, but let us admit for a while that yes, cities like Lancaster and Hazelton do have an immigrant problem that is resulting in increased crime rate. I also believe that such claims are being blown out of proportion. Even if the problem is minor, it is still there and we need to find a solution for it. Let us all think objectively for a while to determine what would you do if you are the mayor of Lancaster City of Hazelton?
Yes, the claims of deserving asylum-seekers should be supported, but at the same time, the arriving aliens should not be given the opportunity to distort the law and order situation in the country.