Wednesday, April 15, 2009

One country Two laws

It is terrifying, disgusting and heart wrecking to watch such a video so I suggest that you don't watch it. It made me feel sick in my stomach to watch something like this happening in my own country. The situation in Pakistan just gets worse by the day. It is shocking that within one country, there are two different laws. The parliament, which is actually another name for the President (Zardari), has allowed Sharia to be applied in Swat. This comes as a shock and horror story to all Pakistanis. Sitting in the capital you feel that you are safe and far away from all this, but that is not true now. It keeps getting closer and closer just like it did in Nazi Germany when one day they finally come and knock on your door to come and take you. It is truly terrifying. How is it possible for one country to survive on one law. What will come of this decision? WIll Sharia have to be implemented all over or will the Supreme Court over turn the decision. The irony is that this is an unlawful decision addressing the law. One thinks what can you do in such a situation. The Chief Justice was recently restored. It is time that he stands up to all the pillars he was supporting before he was reinstated and fights to unite the country under one law.


calisunshine said...

The video is truly disturbing. But, what gets me the most is the fact that so many people were standing around watching the girl being flogged and did nothing to stop it. Have we gone back to the days of public executions and torture? Is there really no one in these communities that is willing to stand up for what is right? Why are humans so quick to judge each other to the point that an "eye for an eye" justice is carried out? Is our hate for one another really that strong? It is my opinion that if the people of Pakistan do not stand up and demand true justice, then the radicalism of Sharia law will only spread. The terror that young girls live with will only intensify.

I always read about arguments that Islam is a peaceful religion. That is its the radicals who interpret the Qur'an literally and who then carry out such brutality. However, there comes a point when such violence and radicalism in the name of God has to stop. There comes a point when all Muslims must repudiate such actions until they are eradicated. Young children do not deserve such abuse. I do not know why everyone is not protesting in the streets, demanding justice for those carrying out floggings, stonings and other forms of torture against children.

arkay13 said...

It is truly terrifying and disturbing that the people were standing around and watching as if it was a show. This is happening in a part of the country that is a mere 100 miles away from the capital. Before we know it they insurgents will take over the capital and will spread their fundamentalist ideals throughout the country.
The government has played a very negative role by allowing the Taliban to implement their version of the Islamic Shariah law that gives little to no rights to most people. By doing so in Swat, they have a stronghold within the country which they can use to their advantage and try to create turmoil in the entire country.
I completely agree with you that it is time that the people of the country joined hands to combat such forces. When will they realize that if life goes on this way they too will not be safe in their own homes. People keep thinking that it isn't bothering them because it is so far away but now it is so close that they will realize when it is too late. These people are fighting in the name of religion but are making religion seem like a horrible thing. These are not the ideals that Islam preachers. The irony is that this is all that Islam tells us to stay away from.