Thursday, November 23, 2006

Cultural Relativism at its worst

Human Rights -- Human Wrongs

I know about realpolitik. I know about oil. I know about keeping the Middle East stable. But if you're not viscerally offended by the idea of a U.S. official flying to Saudi Arabia to apologize to King Abdullah for punishing a rapist, there's something wrong with you.


hewhowould said...

Isn’t Homaidan al-Turki still going to jail? If so that the US can apologize as much as they feel necessary to somehow gain a little PR. If not then US officials have really lost the sense between good and evil. So it’s ok to have impression hundreds of Muslims without evidence and without a trial date but when one is convicted of sexual assault, extortion, theft and false imprisonment the US has to apologize. That’s messed up. It could be cultural but this guy and his wife is living in Colorado so must abided by the US laws and US culture. How did this guy ever get a 24 year old slave?

Ozymandias said...

I find it extremely hard to believe that there's much real punishment in store for Homaidan. I read this article as "don't worry, he'll get preferential treatment in jail and be out in a few years anyway", but perhaps I'm overly cynical. And yes, it's very interesting that this has sparked so much furor in Saudi Arabia. I don't know whether the people of Saudi Arabia are mad about this or if it's mainly media-driven. This story is certainly ripe for media manipulation: godless Americans trying to take away traditional Muslim freedoms! Being Americans, we know how the media can focus on sensationalistic stuff at the expense of more substantial stories. It's kind of heartwarming to see that it apparently goes on in other parts of the world.