Wednesday, March 08, 2006

aren't FAT' people the same as 'NORMAL' people???


last week i was reading an article about how 'fat' people in the US are treated. its quite sad to read that 'fat' people are paid 30% less than 'normal looking' people. also, when big people enter clothing stores, they are usually treated rudely or given a cold shoulder. when research was done, store workers, usually women, said that they were nicer to a 'fat' woman if she was carring a diet coke instead of an ice cream because that shows that she was trying to loose weight.

so, this is a class for human rights... and ... don't i, a 'fat' person have equal human rights. dont i have the right to be paid the same amount as others, without facing discrimination - simply because i have a little more 'junk in my trunk'????


Anonymous said...

How it feels to be fat

Discrimination against overweight people is a fact of life
I’ve always been overweight. I am 57 now and I have been described as morbidly obese in every decade of my life. I was teased at school for being fat. It was always “Fatty” – that was just standard.I was shy to start with and it probably made me less confident. When I look back at those pictures I don’t see a very fat child. I see a child who was maybe just a bit chubby. I have absolutely no idea why I became overweight. The only thing I can think is that my grandmother was. It might be something hereditary. I have never eaten more than others and getting people to believe that is incredibly difficult. They think you’re lying or deluded. My body uses what I eat differently. Scientists don’t know yet why that happens with some people. On my first serious diet – when I was about 180 lbs. – I got down to size 14, which was when I met my husband. But I couldn’t keep my weight down. By the time we married, when I was 20, I was about a size 20. I hated putting the weight back on. I’ve never been one of these people who are happy being overweight. I’m a size 28 at the moment.My marriage broke down after 20 years. People always assume that when someone’s big that it’s the other partner who finished it. But it was a mutual decision and we’ve stayed friends. It was nothing to do with my weight. I don’t think I ever heard my ex-husband criticize my figure. In that time my weight ranged from 175 lbs to 240 lbs. I lost two pregnancies.I’ve had one other relationship since, which lasted three years. It ended in 1995 and again the break-up had nothing to do with my weight. At the moment I’m happy being on my own. Who knows whether my weight has prevented me from having another relationship. There may well have been people who have been attracted to me but been put off by my size who I’ve not known about.My weight has only ever come down when I’ve dieted very, very strictly. I’ve done all of them. Every decade the medical profession brings out something different. In the 1970s I did hospital starvation for two months and lost 20 lbs. When I came out, I put it back on and more within six months. In the 1980s I took appetite suppressants, which were very addictive. I didn’t feel like myself and that lasted only a few weeks. I didn’t lose any weight.
In the 1990s I tried tablets that made fat pass through the body. That didn’t work for me because I’d been vegetarian since 1984 so I don’t eat fat as such. I’ve tried Atkins and that worked quite well. I lost 43 lbs, half of which I’ve since put back on.Prejudice against overweight people runs right across the board. I’ve been spat at in the street. People look at you in a judgmental way. It’s almost like they despise you. It’s not everybody, though. I always think of them as people whose own lives aren’t happy. Fatness is the last accepted prejudice. All the others have been addressed.Some people judge us as lazy when often people who are big work harder to overcome that view. I’ve often stayed on after work because I didn’t want to be considered lazy.Had I been slimmer I think I would have been more confident when I was younger and may have made different lifestyle and career choices. I left school at 15 and I’ve done lots of jobs over the years, mainly in administration. I don’t know whether I’ve been passed over for positions because of my size and I am never going to know. But I do tend to get the jobs I go for. I think I go in there with a positive attitude. Part of me still expects people to judge me on who I am rather than what I look like. If I hadn’t been overweight I may have gone to university sooner. I didn’t go until I was in my forties. I now run Big Ideas, a fun course which aims to build self-esteem in people with severe, long-term weight problems. I also teach stress management in the community.I would love to be a size 14. Size 16 would do very nicely. Then I would be able to fit into everything that seems to be geared for people in that size bracket – public transport, cinema seats.I would be able to have a meal like everyone else and not be stared at. When choosing a car, you have to find one that fits you, rather than the car that you want to drive.When I look in the mirror I see someone who is a lot bigger than I would like to be. Even though I smile back, that is just me being positive about living. If I could change it I would. I don’t think I ever will be slim. It would have happened by now. When I look back on my life I see it as a life where I did the best that I could.

Rockstar said...

I hate certain fat people so much. They're costing this country more than they probably realize. They really are the filthiest slobs. All the fat people I have ever known just make messes everywhere they go and then refuse to clean up after themselves. They pick their noses and stick it on the walls and leave streaks of shit on the toilet bowl. Furthermore, they consume huge quantities of red meat, beef in particular. How can anyone eat something that smells so much like burning feces?

zahra said...


so.. you hate fat people simply because you think that they are messy???

let me break it down to you mr -
not all fat people are fat because they eat too much - its sad how little you do know - thats why your comments dont hurt me, but make me pity you - and thats why i shall give you a free lesson on reality - take is as charity

i have not met fat people that dirty the toilet bowl, or pick their noses. i have met people that do that - they consist of children and adults who have not been taught any manners

another thing - not all fat people eat beef - there are medical reasons as to why peeople may be large - this can be hormonic problems, thyroid, polysystic ovaries and the list can go on - i suggest you read up on some of these - they may open up your clogged up mind.

lastly, it may be true that large people may cost the country since they may suffer from certain medical problems - but i can name you several other reasons as to why the government has so many costs reluting from the overweight population - dont you think that it is the governments responsibility to provide healthier food at schools? as far as i am concerned , it is the younger children that are getting larger and larger and it is the governments problem partly - better food needs to be provided -

think about it "rockstar"

RockStar said...

Oh, and another thing, fat people stink. They stink because they can’t wash in the huge rolls created by all that lard! Tell me that you’ve never noticed this stench when you’ve been squeezed out of your seat in an already crowed airplane! They stink and they take up the space of two people, and only on a few occasions have they been charged the price of 1 ½ seats. What’s that all about? If you ask me fat people discriminate against the rest of the world. They stink and they take up too much space, and I and everyone else who lives life at a “normal weight” have to deal with it. Their obesity is a choice and shows a lack of discipline. How bout this advice, lose the pounds and clean it like you mean it!

zahra said...

tell me rockstar... how EXACTLY do fat people discriminate against the rest of the world because personally i cant think of any reason.

and another thing, obesity is not always a choice - and its your unsurprising ignorance that makes you beleive that it is.

and, what is 'normal weight' - please explain.

and lastly, a lot of the people that i have met who stink are not 'fat', but are people who are generally dirty. little advice to you.... maybe parents must teach their children to clean it like they mean it!!!!

RockStar said...

I’ve been trying to wrap my head around your last comment. How do fat people discriminate against the rest of us? Come on now, you’ve got to be kidding me. Tell me that you’ve never been pushed out of line at the buffet bar by some fatso who should have never been there in the first place! Oh and what about this………….even though the textile industry has to use a lot of extra material to make their clothes chubbies don’t pay extra money. Somebody has to pay the extra and I’m sure that they just attach that along to me and the rest of the normal weight people. Oh and then you asked what is normal weight? Well the answer to that is simple. The American Medical Association says that if someone is 100 lbs. overweight they are morbidly obese. Myself, I think that normal weight means being able to have sex in more than just one position.

zahra said...


you are so damn ignorant!! how dare you give me a pathetic explaination of discrimination by fat people to be one of someone who pushes you out of line in a buffet!!! i have to say that i have experienced this, but only by greedy unmannered individuals who happen not to be overweight!!

come on now.... try and give me a better example of the discrimination that fat people show against others...... i doubt you can come up a logical one because as far as i am concerned ... there is none.

also, your complaint about paying extra for larger clothes - im sorry but you are WRONG, since in a lot of stores that cater for larger clothing, they are priced higher. and one more thing, how come we do not pay extra for other clothing, like childrens clothing - we pay the same price for a 5 years olds dress and a 9 year olds dress when the sizes tend to be considerably larger.

one last thing, your definition of being 'normal weight' is being able to have sex in multiple positions... i cant beleive that you took this discussion to such a level of immaturity and it is very unprofessional as well as unacademic - try and educate yourself and give me a better explanation of being 'normal weight'.

Noor M said...

Rockstar: Say someone used to be fat and now has a sexy super slim physique. So now what? They're suddenly cleaner, smell nicer and don't act greedy? Is being slim the answer to all of life problems? Do you think slim people work harder, or do they have higher chances of winning the lottery? If that was the case then I must ask you to take a look at the huge chunk of undernourished population of the world. Put a little bit of pressure on your brain and think about it :)

RockStar said...

And yet another reason that I hate fat people!!!!!

Last year a rather "large" woman sued filed a human rights complaint against an airline. She was pissed off that because she was so fat and required two seats to accomidate her ass and the airline had the audacity to charge her 1/2 price for the second seat. Well she felt that it was a "medical condition" and should not have to pay any extra. She won. Now fatties fly for free and what pisses me off is that this extra cost is being passed on to the rest of us. Still its better than having one of those gross fat things sitting next to you for a five hour flight, enduring the stench of rotten onions and sour milk. Why do they smell like that anyway?

zahra said...


you disgust me!! it is an embarassement to have a person like you commenting on an academic blog!

let me educate you a little - there are several severe medical problems that cause people to be overweight and these are serious issues - and i am glad this lady won her case!!!

as for the extra cost, it is these companies that pay it and not you - these airline companies make large profits - so i doubt that any money is being taken out of your stinjy, uneducated and ignorant pocket!!!

and as for your rude and unintelligent comments regarding the smell of people, maybe you should move away from stereotypes and give me some legitimate facts!!!