Tuesday, November 22, 2005

What's Your Beef?

What's pissing you off? leaving you sleepless at nights? What do you think needs to change?
What are your needs, desires or pet peeves?
Drop a note!
Dr. D.


chris b said...

Continuing from our class discussion today…
F&M is a private entity that also happens to be an institution of higher learning. All good private entities are run as businesses and F&M should be as well – which I believe it is for the most part. To admit students who are able to pay full tuition, regardless of race, religion, disability, etc. makes good business sense – and if it happens to be that a majority of qualified students and their families who have this capability are white, then the school should admit them. Scholarships are designed for students who do not have the same capabilities as wealthier students – and there is nothing wrong in searching for scholarships and competing to get them with other students. The most competitive and qualified individual gets rewarded for their hard work. As is said in class emotion usually plays in to the affirmative action debate: I find this problematic because emotion blurs objectivity – and as we have seen in class emotional arguments are not as strong as arguments based on hard facts. If all but one trustee are white – what is the problem with that? It would make no difference to me if they were all black or latino or oriental. There is noting that keeps an individual at F&M but their desire to be there and get an education. You can get an education at a public university that has more diversity on their trustee board, but that does not mean that the university will not have the same general problems that F&M does. We are able to make comments because we have the ability to – because we are a part of the F&M culture that we are critiquing. Since action is a key theme in this class if you don’t like something, do something about it – don’t just complain – that accomplishes nothing in the end.

BeautifulIvy said...

My Beef! My Beef!? Is how the government creates loopoles if that is even spelled right, to abolish the 13 ammendments, and human rights. I blog about it at msn spaces, my spaces mainly (http://blog.myspace.com/beautifulivy, and a little at yahoo 360.