Monday, February 20, 2006

You! Out! Now!

Hey All,

This is a NY Times article printed the February 20, 2006, about the difficulties in making sure that those seeking asylum in the U.S. are given an opportunity to go before an immigration official. The conflict comes at a time when the U.S. government is seeking to curb illegal immigrants from coming into the U.S. This, however, puts a strain on border patrol individuals who at time feel compelled to "look the other way" by not allowing illegal immigrants a chance to seek asylum and are instead immediately "expedited" deportation.


don said...

Hey All,

I didn't know the blog worked like this but to access the article, you have to click the "links to this post" on the HR/HW home page. In case you have trouble, the site is pasted below.

don said...

Argh!!! I just figured it out...again. You have to click on the name of the posting. In this case, "You! Out! Now!" in order to access the online article. What an annoying way of doing, especially when it states "Links to this post." What a crumby and dumb idea. So, fair warning...when you create a post and that section that says, "Add links" or something to that effect, the TITLE of the post actually becomes the link itself. Somebody was probably high or something when they created that. Either that or they really really hate me and have a sick vendetta against me. Argh!


zahra said...

it does not surprise me to read articles like this. im sure that when people seeking asylum or comming in as refugees into the US, they are mistreated or not given the correct legal advice. i feel that this is the case because a lot of these people do not speak english, and when faced with a pompous immigration officer, they are not even given the chance to speak. i myself, who has proper documentation always gets nervous passing through immigration let alone when i have to deal with a rude or abnoxious immigration officer. i cant imagine how these people are spoken to - im sure that they are just pushed around. i would not be surprised if these immigration officers did not take these people seriously, and just give them a hard time. also, when these people are not told that they have the right to a judge, it is just because they do not want to deal with these poor people.

even though it does not surprise me when i read these sort of articles, it still makes me very angry.