Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Asylum detentions 'breaking law'

I thought it might be interesting to look at this article to compare our detention facilities and practices to the U.Ks. Britian believes it is neccesary to detain asylum seekers to control immigration. While others argue that the government can't lock people up simply because they are seeking asylum.

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Noor M said...

I always think it's interesting when countries like Britain and France adopt a strict stance on immigration. When these nations were becoming industrialized they shamelessly used their colonies for cheap raw mateiral, cheap labor and even created laws to eaisly sell the finished products in their colonies. The economic disadvantage these countires suffer through today is a direct result of colonialization. It seems absurd to me then that France complains about it's large Muslim population or UK complains about it's South Asian population. These first world countries did not reach prosperity through a miracle. They systematically abused other countires, for centuries in certain cases, to their own advantage. Where else will the populations of these ex-colonies rightfully look for a better oppurtunity? Does history have no consequences?