Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Guantanamo: A Violation of Human Rights?

Today the Bush Administration announced the transer of 14 key terrorist leaders to the US military-run prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. "The announcement from Bush is the first time the administration has acknowledged the existence of CIA prisons, which had been reported in the media and the subject of friction between Washington and some allies in Europe."
The existence of Guantanamo Bay has sparked the debate over the rights of suspected terrorists and whether or not the United States is violating human rights through detention centers such as Guantanamo Bay. "The administration has come under criticism for its treatment of terrorism detainees," not only in Guantanamo Bay but through 'extraordniary renditions.'
It will be interesting to see how the public as well as law makers view the public announcement and acknowledgement of Guantanamo Bay.


Marine 1 said...

So our allies in Europe think that the US is mistreating the terrorists who are being held at Guantanamo Bay. So freaking what!
How many of those allies were around to help sift through the rubble of the World Trade Center trying to find remains of loved ones who were only guilty of going to work on a beautiful September morning?
Believe me when I say that these religious extremists aren’t done yet. Unfortunately I think that we’ll see more terrorist attacks on US soil, probably on a larger scale than the World Trade Center. Anything that we can do to keep this from happening, which includes keeping the terrorists at Guantanamo Bay, is acceptable. Hey, I understand that some of the terrorists have hung themselves with their sheets. This is truly a crime and our allies have every right to suggest that the terrorists are being mistreated. They should not have to use sheets, but I understand that there is a shortage of rope at Guantanamo Bay. So if you want to help make things more comfortable for the terrorists you know what to do!

There is a shortage of rope. If you have any extra rope, please send it to:

Rope for Guantanamo Prisoners
APO 911911911911
Guantanamo Bay Marine Base, Cuba

Hasty said...

Marine1, you would rather see these "religious extremists" kill themselves than get a fair trial? How American of you! Just lower us down to their level and forget the Geneva Convention. If they don't abide by it than why should we, right?

All kidding aside... what did you expect Europe to do for us in the days after 9/11, send construction teams to "sift through the rubble"? Seems like it was a logistical nightmare already...

Bush and his men (or maybe those men and their Bush) are taking the rights of people who have not been convicted of any crime. Considering how badly they want to 'spread freedom,' these cases of holding suspects without charges and committing acts of torture upon them does not set a good precedent.

At least the Pentagon issued a new field manual to ban techniques used by the CIA such as waterboarding. This seems like an effort to get some good press into this mess in time for elections. Need I point out that our supposedly independent Central Intelligence Agency is now run by an ACTIVE general?

Bush is simply working on conditioning the American populace to be OK with evil - all in the name of freedom. It seems to have worked on at least one person.

I'm no terrorist apologist, but I think statement's such as marine1's are biased and hypocritical. This country is chock full of religious extremists in the form of Christian Fundamentalists. Instead of strapping themselves with bombs or plotting to hijack airplanes from a cave in Afghanistan, they martyr themselves for the almighty dollar and convince people of the evil of Islam. There are skewed meaning systems on both sides of the battle, and that serves to further their extremist nature. Evil fighting evil - who wins?


Marine 1 said...

These suicides were not acts of desperation by religious extremists who didn’t think that they’d get a fair trial but acts of political statement...the only difference between these and suicide bombers being that no innocents

Talk about the Geneva Convention, give me a break. These terrorists living conditions are better than most of the coalition forces in Iraq. And their health care is better than most of the uninsured in the US. And they have every bit if not
more concessions than the average state prison inmate in the US.

Wanna talk about real, honest to God, long term desperation? Ask John
McCain or John Murtha, neither one of which committed suicide despite
years of 'real' torture, malaria, losing half their body weight and
watching buddies die on a regular basis and then come talk to me about
how to treat these mass murdering terrorists.

Thanks for allowing me the tirade.

Marine 1, standing down