Monday, October 09, 2006

For women, greatest threat to violence is at home

Most of the human rights abuses we have been talking about in class involve hate groups and government-affiliated militia groups. This article stood out to me because it takes a different view of violence. It focuses on the greatest threat of violence facing women today - domestic abuse. I found this investigation by the World Health Organization particularly interesting because it focuses on both the developing and developed world.

Can you believe that in EU countries, 20 - 25% of women are estimated to be victimes of domestic violence? I couldn't believe the numbers were so high! And in a developing country, such as Ethiopia, that number sky-rockets to roughly 71%!

How can a man, intimately connected to a women, abuse her? Where did the hate arise from a relationship which is based on love?

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Ozymandias said...

I'm afraid you may have answered your own question with the last paragraph. As much as we would like to think otherwise, marriage is very often not based on love but economic or social necessity. Many people don't see their spouses as another human being with feelings but rather as a source of income or as arm candy necessary for a promotion. When something goes wrong, it's easier to lash out than to try and fix the problem.

I'm not hopeful about the future of domestic violence. All over the world, men are taught to look at women as existing solely for the pleasure and advancement of men. Until this changes, we're still going to have domestic violence. The Enlightenment hasn't changed these attitudes, feminism (so far) hasn't changed them, and, as the women of Saudi Arabia would tell you if they were allowed to talk to strangers, they don't look to be changing any time soon. Maybe Dozier was right; we need to change our fundamental natures.