Friday, October 27, 2006

The Lord's Resistance Army: Time to Pay for Past Sins

In a recent article in the International Herald Tribune, "What comes first: Peace or Justice?", Nick Grono rightfully calls for the International Criminal Court (ICC) prosecutor to proceed with his prosecutions of the top brass of the LRA. Many think this will derail peace talks -- I'm not sure that peace talks will ever work with an individual like Joseph Kony -- head of the LRA. For almost 20 years Northern Uganda has been ravaged by war led first by the Holy Spirit Movement (Alice Lakwena -- related to Joseph Kony) then the LRA. Why hurry now? Too many dictators and murderers have avoided justice in return for peace. But what kind of peace would there be? Idi Amin was able to seek refuge in Libya, then Saudi Arabia. Milton Obote lived happily ever after in Tanzania -- although he always wanted to return to Uganda. It's time for some real justice for the Ugandan people: anything less would be suggesting that their losses are not worthy of international condemnation. It was not only a crime against Ugandans, it was a crime against all of humanity.

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VAgirl said...

I completely agree. Too many dictators have escaped persecution in hopes for talks of peace within thier specified countries. Nick Grono is completely within right call for continued prosecution of Kony by the ICC. Kony has abducted 20,000 children since 1987 for forced enlisting into his rebel ranks and even abducted girls of all ages to give as rewards to his commanders. Out of the 33 charges by the ICC, 12 are considered crimes against humanity while the remaining 21 are considered war crimes including murder, cruel treatment of prisoners and Ugandans, pillaging, and rape. Such disreputable crimes should not go unpunished regardless of the effect on talks of an Unknown peace within the country. From my understanding, the country is in ruins and only Kony's prosecution will bring correct justice to the people of Uganda. Something must be done!