Wednesday, January 31, 2007

MinuteMan Founder attacked at Columbia University

Jim Gilchrist, the founder and president of the Minuteman Project was attacked at Columbia University while he was keynote speaker on immigration.
Check out the link.
Do you think the students were right in attacking him?


Snipe said...

Well, this reminds me of my university. The right wing tradition makes it very hard for some politicians to get in, but at some extent, it's due all the anti "communist" movement shown by the right wing politicians. By experience I might say that students tend to be eager to defend their political view by doing things like these, but sometimes the verbal manifestations can go out of control and end up with physical violence, and sometimes it's not even the students' fault.

morgan marks said...

Everyone has there own ideas about everything - but acting out by storming an auditorium is not the best way to be heard, or to create change. It creates anger and frustration on both sides, and spurs further conflict. I think there are clearly deeper issues on the campus that need to be dealt with, so when the speaker came, he sort of opened up an issue in need of attention. I feel as if that event is a smaller event of what is happening now with the detainment of supposed terrorists - people act without thinking it through. People get scared and act irrationally. Everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion, and a speaker deserves respect - maybe not because of what they believe, but because they were invited to an esteemed university's campus to share their opinions - so wait for the question and answer session... ask hard questions, voice opinions that way instead of acting out. Hold signs, have a petition outside even, peacefully. I think bottom line, the event brought to light issues that need to be addressed at Columbia University, and besides that, people in general need to find better ways to communicate different opinions.