Friday, February 09, 2007

"Homeless Dumping by Los Angeles Hospital

Just when you thought you heard it all.... read this article. It's sickening. A hospital van in the Los Angeles area dumped a homeless man on the street who was paraplegic, wearing a soiled hospital gown and with a torn colostomy bag. And this is America?


morgan marks said...

"If some of the facts are correct, it is clearly not in line with our policy of handling these types of patients." Uh, ya, that's pretty clear and pretty heartless. Can you imagine one of your grandparents just dumped somewhere... I have never even heard of homeless dumping. It sounds like you get rid of trash, yet the trash is a human being. And a helpless one at that. So this is our America, the America people are dying to get to ... where liberty is being taken away, and helpless people are being dumped on streets ... it makes me ashamed.

Iowa said...

Well said morgan. This is the democracy and freedom we are all so proud to call our own? Who in good conscience could do something like this? These are people, not refuse. The worst part of this is if it is happening in Los Angeles it is happening other places too.

Malika said...

I just don't understand how anyone can do this. We are talking about a human being here...someone who lives and breathes...someone who unfortunately, happens to be ill. I thought hospitals were supposed to serve those who are ailing, not "dump" them on a street.