Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Immigration debate to heat up in Senate this week

It starts today. In the wake of nation wide protests that took place this weekend, the Senate Judiciary Committee opens the immigration debate to decide the fate of 12 million illegal immigrants. Though many people are hopeful that Bush administration may reach a sound decision regarding the immigration policy, others still have their doubts. The protests over the weekend were led by more than 500,000 people who marched through downtown Los Angeles on Saturday in one of the largest demonstrations for any cause in recent U.S. history. Marchers also took to the streets in Phoenix, Milwaukee, Dallas and Columbus, Ohio. Demonstrations continued Sunday, when nearly 3,000 people, many wrapped in Mexican flags, rallied at the Ohio Statehouse in Columbus and an estimated 3,500 United Farm Workers members and their supporters protested in Los Angeles.

For today, Demonstrations are planned near the Capitol, including a prayer service with immigration advocates and clergy who plan to wear handcuffs to demonstrate the criminalization of immigration violations.

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HeWhoWould said...

I am impressed with the massive amount of people who showed up to protest the immigration laws. But should I feel a little weird in reading about those illegal immigrants or those protesting the laws who wrap themselves in the Mexican flag and want the US to change its policy. I feel that it’s counter productive to wave you nations homeland’s flag and protest to the country that you wish to be in. Maybe I am speaking irrationally but the logic I see is if you want to become a legal citizen of the US then wave the US flag and want to become a citizen and not wave some other countries flag and ask to stay in the US and still retain your homeland requests. I understand and believe in heritage and that families should retain them but I don’t like how illegal immigrants are protesting the policies of countries they want to come too.