Sunday, April 15, 2007

Immigration Probe Targets Illinois Company

Gerardo Dominguez and Maria Pilar Marroquin de Ramirez, two executives at Quality Service Integrity Inc., were charged with aggravated identity theft and other offenses. An investigation of the company showed that the the identities of U.S. citizens and permanent residents were "illegally obtained and used to employ illegal aliens at QSI." 25 other QSI employees were charged with identity theft and 49 workers were taken into custody as illegal immigrants.

I hope that the government makes an example out of the executives by giving them a hefty fine or something of that nature. The U.S. cannot expect to make any progress on immigration issues if its own companies are undermining its authority. In order for the laws to be followed the government must demonstrate to companies that it is willing to enforce them.


zain said...

It is extremely crucial to have strong enforcement of laws against the employers who hire illegal workers or assist illegal immigrants in stealing identities and using fake documents. The fact that employers in the US continue to hire illegal immigrants in order to save money on wages, undermines the entire US policy to stop illegal immigration. As long as US employers are willing to hire cheap labor, no matter how many walls are built along the US Mexican border, the influx of illegal immigrants will continue to enter the US markets. As we discussed in class, the enforcement of laws against employers is one of the three legs of the stool on which the illegal immigration policy rests.

John Ryan said...

I couldn't agree more. This gets back to the whole issue of whether illegal immigration is a country issue or if it is a government problem that must be solved. I believe the only way to correct the illegal immigration issue is to make it an entire country issue. With that said, companies need to address the situation themselves and just like Zain said they need to step away from finding the cheapest labor and lead the charge in the country to control illegal immigration. It is time that big businesses stop looking at pay wages in an attempt to maximize their income. Governments and big businesses need to work together to spear head the correction of this problem.