Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Police: Gunmen line up, execute 23 Kurds in Mosul

A gun man stops a buss and separates the passengers up into two groups and shoots 23 Kurds. Is it just me or has the whole world gone mad. The 30 Virginia Students getting shot and now I read about another pure execution of people. Has this brutality always been in front of my eyes and I have yet to truly understand it or what.


Anonymous said...

We talked a lot about events like this in Evil vs. Good. I don't think anything really surprises me any more. It seems like every day I turn on the news and someone else has been brutally beaten or killed. We will never be able to understand the rational behind some of these massacres. It's sad that we have to come to the conclusion that as long as man walks the earth, there will continually be atrocities like this.

-KStephen04 (Blogger Login Not Working)

John_Madden said...

If there is one thing that is consistent across history, then that thing is violence. Let us also not forget that the media is a business that needs viewers to maintain. Usually the portrayal of violence is an effective means to get viewers. KStephen04 is correct in assuming that violence occurs everyday. Yet, when police are the ones behind the massacre things become different.
The alleged role of a police officer and the police force in general is to protect the public. Force is seen as a last resort, not the only resort. Of course, as with most things, this looks better in theory than in practice.
In this situation the killing was most likely racially charged. As we know from history and our own morals, discrimination against a group of people based on that people's race, sex, religion, etc. is always wrong.
I usually never bring in my own emotions to blogging or academic discussions because I believe it cheapens them to some degree. However, I cannot fathom the mentality to erase a specific group of people from the planet. No matter what rational I use, I end up becoming disgusted. Almost to the point of hating those who think in that matter, but I stop because I would become no better than them. Their actions are unacceptable and inexcusable. If there is one abomination to humanity it is people with a false sense of entitlement and class ranking based on race, sex, and/or religion.