Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Are Failed Asylum seekers now treated like Animals?

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials allegedly drugged 2 failed asylum seekers while attempting to physically remove them from the U.S. by airplane. These foreign nationals were allegedly sedated against their will, as reported by the LA Times, linked above.
Does ICE have the right to sedate these individuals against their will if they pose a threat to other passengers or themselves? What do you think?

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norwegian target said...

As an adopted person who has had to deal with Norwegians in Los Angeles my heart breaks for the Lebesborn individuals.
Norwegians are jerks, not just 'vikings'!!
Our family friends from the War who are Norwegian are creeps. The mother and son are sexist and abusive to the daughters. They are xenophobic and cruel. One daughter (47 yr) adopted Mexican children and was afraid to tell her 85 yr old mother! The son would not tell his nephew he was 'proud' of his schoolwork. The son's x-wife, from a Mediterranean country, built up his airplane harness business in El Segundo, and then he divorced her. Great guy.
The daughters stole my Barbie dolls in 1964.
Great family.
The mother hated renters in Santa Monica and rent control. She's my mother's creepiest friend.
Most of the American women from WWII are arrogant and think they are perfect. In reality they never suffered, never had to work, don't have an education, and didn't travel much. Provicial idiots. Happy Mother's day to them all!!
Signed: adopted, but genetic Lithuanian-Mexican in LA.