Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Peace vs. Justice? The LRA and Uganda

The LRA, the Lord's Resistance Army has waged a "holy" war against the people of Northern Uganda for over 20 years. Joseph Kony, the leader of the LRA has offered to lead Uganda under the 10 commandments -- forgetting, of course -- that one of those commandments is "thou shalt not kill"! Thousands have died and over 2 million have been displaced.
The Ugandan government has taken the LRA to the International Criminal Court (ICC) and now there are a dozen indictments against Joseph Kony and other top brass LRA commanders. But this has resulted in a delay of peace -- or so say the LRA -- they will never submit to peace if the LRA is to be tried at The Hague.
So now, there is talk of a "home-grown tribunal" -- along the likes of the Gacca Courts in Rwanda. Will this work? Should this be presented as an option? Is peace contingent on a betrayal of justice? Or can a South African style Truth and Reconciliation Commission work?
Unless Joseph Kony and the top commanders of the LRA are held accountable for their atrocities, there will be no justice in Uganda or in the world. These crimes against humanity are crimes not only against the Ugandan people, but all of humanity. Joseph Kony and his cronies must be tried at the ICC. Justice must be served!


Dr. D said...

Dr. D. You are full of if.

Tigist said...

I think a "home-grown tribunal" might work because the government of Uganda has tried other options which did not seem to work, so this may be their next option to keeping peace with the LRA and their commander Joseph Kony.