Wednesday, October 17, 2007

15 year old, Arigona draw's Austria’s Attention

15 year old, Arigona Zogaj was finally exposed to freedom of being able to live with her family. Arigona was an ethnic Albanian from Provost who was separated from her family after the unfortunate acquaintance with the police. Her family has been seeking asylum in Austria since 2002. Arigona’s strong determination to be back with all her family members encouraged her to record a video that would be broadcasted on Austria TV. The recorded video included her threatening to kill herself if her family was kept apart. Her father and four siblings were deported to Kosovo and her mother suffered to the extent that she was hospitalized because of the thought of Arigona’s disappearance. A law, that was adopted in 2006 in Austria prevents the possibility of immigrants ever being able to reunite with their family members and makes it harder to gain citizenship.
Austria has many asylum seekers, in return the government has made it difficult for the refugees of the war-torn Balkan’s to seek asylum.

“Cynics say this girl should be given Austrian citizenship just for showing Austrians how confused they are about immigration.”

If Immigration laws are supposed to benefit people Austiria isn’t doing a good job of it and the country is in two minds its laws. Based on this article, I would argue that : To what extent are immigration laws helpful if in some countries the only purpose of the existence of the law separates immigrants from their families and prevents the possibility of families being reunited?


yanks23 said...

In the Case of Arigona a 15 year old Austrian girl, it is quiet sad that she has to be separated from her family. Specifically her case is something that international law should take care of. Nevertheless, immigration laws are very helpful throughout society. In America, without immigration laws we would have 1) overcrowding in cities 2) people illegally working and conducting business and 3) immigrants bringing illegal substances into our country. Not all immigrants coming to the country do these things, most come for freedom and to achieve the American dream, still in all, it is impossible to distinguish from bad or good people. Families should not be forced apart due to immigration laws, but that does that mean a country will all of a sudden get rid of these laws. If Arigona wants to leave her country in order to reunite with her family, Austria must allow it.

dagt said...

I've used part of your information in my blogs and linked your page. Hope it's okay for you :)

Raman said...

Family's should be united. Laws should favour family Union