Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Minorities Only Ones Charged in Hate Crime

In a McDonald's located in Oceanside, NY, a bunch of white kids attacked 2 minorities. After the fight only one person was charged until just recently. Aloysius Staton Jr., 24, a black man, was arrested and charged after the fight. Stanton was charged because he broke a bottle across the face of one of the white males. The fight started when one of the white males took a chair and slammed it over the head of Statons friend Oswaldo Rivera. By taking a look at the video of the incident www.youtube.com/watch?v=Avzyg14rM7Q (fight doesn't start until about 4 minutes into the video) you can see that the fight began when one of the white males picked up a chair and slammed it down on Rivera, but yet he has not been charged. Only now 4 months after the incident has one of the white men been charged. When you look at the video it is pretty evident that the fight was started by the mob of white children, but because Stanton used self-defense he is the only one really being persecuted. Oceanside is my hometown and I know some of the white kids. I am not suprised in the least bit that these kids would be involved and instigate this incident, and it appauls me that hate crimes still occur in a normal suburban Long Island town. Their are a couple of human rights issues that occur here. First is the issue of the hate crime, and that racisim still is prominent in the US. Second and I believe more important is that the white kids get off free while the minorities pay for their actions. How can we trust the legal system when atrocities such as this occur?

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austin said...

To be perfectly honest, I think it's very hard to tell exactly what is going on in that video. That's not to say that the story isn't true or that injustice wasn't done, but I don't think that you can watch that video and clearly point out who instigated the incident and where.

That said, the situation is very disconcerting and troubling, and clearly at the very least the police didn't do a fair job in fully investigating what happened. The fact that months later they've gone back to the situation and charged new people after pressure was applied by outside agencies proves they didn't do their job correctly in the first place, which does seem to create a black cloud over our legal system. Why weren't things handled properly in the first place? Why weren't both sides of the story heard out?

What makes it worse for me is that it could happen in my own homestate of New York, easily one of the most liberal and diverse states in the union... It's too bad, something should be done to punish the officers involved -- even though I think it's hard to tell from the video what happened, the fact that they've gone back and charged new people proves they made an initial mistake, which to me is unacceptable.