Monday, October 22, 2007

State Run Iranian TV Adapts

Iranian State TV has introduced the very shelter Iranian community a new mini-series based on the Iranian Embassy in Paris during World War II. The state run television has been trying to attract more viewers since the early 1990's. In the new mini-series called " Zero Degree Turn" portray highly controversial political messages that previously would have never be accepted. Iranian media expert explained that the government have finally adapted this new type of TV to instill unity among the Iranian community in the time were they face such intense international pressure for its nuclear program.
The series depicts the Iranian Embassy in Paris during World War II, when employees forged Iranian passports for European Jews to flee to Iran. The series is built around a love story between an Iranian-Palestinian man and a Jewish Frenchwoman he helps escape to Iran.
Is the Iranian government using sensitive issues such as the Holocaust to indirectly achieve national pride for their current government choices?

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