Thursday, November 15, 2007

Don't Discrimiante Against Them, Just Disinherit Them

The Prime Minister of Cambodia, Hun Sen, disowns his adopted daughter because she is gay. He was quoted saying, "My adopted daughter now has a wife. I'm quite disappointed". Furthermore, he is planning to file a civil case to disown his daughter, so she cannot claim any inheritance from his family.

Generally, the Cambodian society is tolerant of homosexuality. Even so, in 2004, “then-King Norodom Sihanouk announced his support for gay rights, including the right to marry."

In spite of his actions towards his daughter, the Prime Minister in his speech to a graduating class pleaded to parents and society not to discriminate against homosexuals.

How can he disown his daughter because of her sexual orientation and then tell others not to discriminate against homosexuals? What do you think about his actions? What is your view towards homosexuals?


jolz said...

I see the struggle of homosexuals for equal rights analogous to the struggle of that of black people. Why is society taking so long to determine whether homosexuals are human enough to be worthy of equal rights? This is comparable to difficulty the colonialists had deciding if black people were actually humans are just mere animals. There should be no question that homosexual people should be given equal rights. As a black individual it angers me to the point of frustration that once again society is treating a group of people, who differ from the socially acceptable norms, like diseased outcasts. How could we have claimed to have advanced so much as a species and yet not let go of these ignorant prejudices? As for my view on homosexuals, they are people just like any other person just with different sexual preferences.

gchabrier said...

The actions that have been described in this post frusturate and confuse me. Growing up in Park Slope (a very liberal part of NYC) there was little to no discrimination towards homosexuals;however, after moving to a very conservative suburb of New Jersey, I found it unsettling how obvious the stigma towards homosexuals was. It is saddening to me that so many parents will stop talking or completely own their children because of their sexual orientation. It frusturates me that the Prime Minister pubicly urges people to not discriminate against homosexuals, I do not see how he could ask the public to respect his wishes when he obviously is not being tolerant of his own daughter. Maybe because of the fact that I was brought up in such a tolerant household, but I cannot understand why people have such a problem with homosexuality, when to me it is just another form of sexuality. I think that the Prime Minister is being an extreme hypocrite which is a terrible trait in a leader and in a human being.

Kat said...

I agree with 'jolz' on this issue. Can't we all see that gays are humans beings, equal to all others? To me, saying you're gay is like saying you like strawberry instead of vanilla. It's your preference, and that preference has nothing to do with me. It would be different if someone said they liked guns or they liked the KKK-those are things that can harm people. But being a homosexual? There should be no offense taken for liking same sex. In regards to the Prime Minister, I think he is a coward. Your family should be your tightest bond, they are the people you can count on most. To openly support homosexuality but then denounce and disown his own daughter-I disrespect him so much for doing that. That is manipulation of the public and it is turning your back on your family.