Sunday, November 18, 2007

Psychologists to endorse gay marriage

At a meeting in Honolulu last Wednesday, the American Psychological Association officially endorsed the idea that Gay couples should be able to get married. Currently, the APA is the worlds largest group of psychologists. This new endorsement is important to the on going question as to whether or not Gay's should have equal civil rights. Many people who oppose Gay marriage believe that it is wrong, and mainly a psychological problem; the APA's endorsement of the situation basically throws a wrench into that argument. The APA also believes that Gay couples should have just as many equal parental rights. Gay marriage is an issue that will continue to be argued for many years. Gay couples are humans just like everyone else, and should not be denied rights just because of sexual orientation. Will the APA's endorsement of Gay marriage change people's opinions and eventually make Gay marriage legal, or will the ongoing argument continue to be a social and political issue with no resolution?


Charlotte said...

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steve said...

I don't think that just because the APA has decided to back gay rights the majority of people opposed will change their minds. Many are against it because of their religion and it seems very unlikely that an institution such as the Catholic Church will change it's stance on this issue. Just because they can't argue that it is a psychological problem doesn't they'll give up being opposed to it.

danielle.ja said...

All human beings should be entitled to the same rights, without distinction based on social group or sexual orientation. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights states that all persons should be able to marry. Marriage is a social and legal union between two people. In the United States, marriage allows persons certain rights. To continue the trend that America has been setting, regarding the maintainance of human rights, we need to allow gay marriage. This will be another step forward for the United States that will ensure that persons have equal human rights.
Although the views of some persons might not change, the law needs to be changed in order for the country to facilitate different practises that do not harm others. If we are for equal rights, we need to be for equal rights for all.

MadMax said...

You bring up a question that has been a concerned of many Christians and Republicans since homosexuals began making such a fuss about all of this equal rights nonsense and demanding civil unions. (I refuse to call it a marriage because Marriage is defined as being one man and one woman.) In my opinion most psychologist are nuts themselves. They spend so much time analyzing their own minds that they end up getting a degree. Fortunately this is not a group that will have any impact on our law makers.

Not to worry, no sodomite,or pedophile is ever going to change the institution of a Holy Matrimony so long as good people remain in control of the Government.