Wednesday, February 06, 2008

"Darfur Can Wait. Let's Save America."

Isn't facebook fantastic? Below, I have pasted a description from a facebook group with the above title. I have pasted, rather than created a livelink, to protect the identity of the group members. What do you guys think about this? Are we spending too many of our resources on non-Americans? Should we, as this group suggests, take care of business at home before extending ourselves to other people in need?



Scuba Steve said...

Sorry guys. The text didn't paste. I'm going to reproduce it here.

"As Americans, we are far too occupied in the world's problems. Whether it's Darfur, Iraq, or the poor kids in Africa, we must realize that America itself has its fair share of problems, which perpetually get pushed under the carpet, so to speak.

Our cities and poor rural areas are a mess. Drugs and violence fill the entrails of our metropolitan centers every single day, but rarely will you ever hear of those stories. When was the last time you were approached by the Save Baltimore people? Never.

Detroit, Michigan, has a poverty rate of 30.1 percent. What is most disheartening is the fact that Detroit ranks only third on that list. Cleveland and Newark take top 'honors' (cities over 250,000 in population). I have reached the point where I just cannot understand how someone can overlook their own countrymen to help a foreigner. I have not the slightest objection o humanitarianism, but let us first make America a solidified nation. The amount of goo his nation could do with a stable and truly strong union far supersedes a few million dollars of philanthropic donations here and there.

So I say, Save Detroit. Save Cleveland. Save Newark, Fresno, and New Orleans. Save America, who's poverty lines hangs above thirteen percent of the nation. Then, and only then, can the United States not only reach its full potential as a sovereign and hegemonic state, but we can unleash the full benevolent might of a nation, whose citizens as a whole desire an equal and unified global community."

sara said...

Save BOTH.

True in governing you have to make priorities because of limited human and financial resources; however, when there is good governance its not one or the other.

Sure, this is challenging and easier said than done, but can you imagine a State of the Union where the president said "Its too complicated to fix the education and healthcare system, so once we've fixed up our hospitals then we'll take a look at schools. Or, once all our kids are educated, we'll deal with them when there sick."

I see this group creators point: impoverished Americans Americans should not be overlooked and their aid outsourced like their job may have been.

However, it is a shortsighted (dare I say racist) argument to say that poor Americans are poor because of attention human rights activists are giving to Darfur and Iraq- its not only what our policies are omitting (if he/she feels the poor are being omitted) but what they are creating (i.e. we're focused on Iraq because the war U.S. POLICY created has ruined a sovereign state) Before you blame the people of Darfur for harming America's underprivileged , lets start with Enron and Exxon and the Bush tax cuts....