Monday, February 18, 2008

Illegal immigrant student arrested by ICE

What would you do if an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officer arrested one of your peers? This is what happened in a Roswell, New Mexico high school when ICE officials arrested an 18-year old pregnant student who was in the United States illegally. Was ICE correct in arresting and deporting her? Should students, illegal or not, have a safe haven in schools?


MadMax said...

Thank God ICE is finally doing their job! They were able to deport two for the price of one. No doubt this student got pregnant just before she entered our country illegally in an attempt to produce a “jackpot” baby. I only hope that she isn’t able to reenter before the baby is born.

geoforeal said...

Or here's another idea, we'll invite her back right before the baby is born, we'll set up a tent in your backyard, have the baby shower (because who doesn't like baby showers?) and find a community doctor to come in and perform the delivery on your tax dollars? Sound good?

Anyway... sure the girl was illegal, when you are illegally here, yes the government can deport you. If its ICE's last resort to locate an illegal immigrant at a school, then I can't disagree with them.

Belma said...

Madmax, calling someone a "jackpot baby" is a form of hate speech. The term is used in an effort to dehumanize a whole class of American citizens. By stigmatizing the American children of immigrants, you and other bigots like you seek to turn millions of Americans in to second class citizens.

America has always had better instincts. Immigrants have succeeded in this country more than any other because we focus as a country on welcoming immigrants and making them in to new Americans, not just barely tolerated foreigners. Their children are not second class citizens and just as American as the children of those who trace their roots to Plymouth Rock.

I believe the term jackpot baby is offensive and demeaning. I think that posts like this should be deleted.

prsjr said...

ICE may be doing their job as immigration control. While many will disagree with their execution and lack of discretion, especially in this circumstance, there are, nonetheless, fulfilling their role as a branch of homeland security.

My issue with this specific circumstance is that Acosta was a productive member of society. She had the potential to contribute positively to her community and the country. She had the prospect of creating a life for herself in a country where opportunity is endless. Due to her illegal status however, ICE intervened and deported someone who could have benefited our society.

Philosophically, the role of ICE is "to more effectively enforce our immigration and customs laws and to protect the United States against terrorist attacks". I interpret that sentence to stress the protection of the United States against terrorists. Acosta did not pose an apparent threat to our homeland security, but instead a capable woman hoping to receive better education, adopt American culture and become a productive addition to the great American melting pot.

madmax, ICE may be doing their federally mandated job, but that does not mean it coincides with true American values: freedom and opportunity. Reevaluate whether contemporary legislation or fundamental american values are of greater gravitas to you.

hannah said...

The article mentioned that in 1982 it was decided that schools were safe havens and it was illegal for INS officers to remove students from school. Is this still legally true? If so than the ICE officers had no right to remove her because they were effectively breaking the law. I wonder what would have happened if she refused to bring identity or went to the school officials after the security officer approached her.
Whether or not you believe in protecting illegal immigrants, if the law states that schools are safe havens, then they should remain safe havens.

MadMax said...

How did our laws get so twisted to the point that even ASKING if someone is illegal is illegal?! The legal U.S. citizenry better wake up. Personally, I am sick and tired of paying for the health services, education, penal services, etc. of CRIMINALS. Yet we are required BY LAW to pay out of our own pockets to support these criminals. Why have we let this happen? A cure for the current budget crisis in California? Do you really have to think about it? The answer is right in front of us. Enforce the laws that are currently in place and no safe havens for criminals. Not in schools or churches.

Dr. D said...

Come on MadMax.
You can't be serious.....
You actually think it is okay for this student to be arrested by ICE and returned to her home country?
Where is your humanity?

MadMax said...

Dr. D. Please allow me to answer the question that you have posed thru a poem that I’ve written for you and all the illegal aliens who currently reside in our great country.

Deport, deport, deport away.
Deport at night and at day.
And if you’re caught, cry for naught,
Cause America is here to stay.

geoforeal said...

That's a mighty catchy one man, I had that in my head before I went to sleep the other night. Gotta love it when the last thing on your mind is hate for those who aren't as fortunate as you.

MadMax said...

Oh brother…..the posting by geoforeal, a.k.a. “Rainbow”, reminds me of a song that was put out in the 70’s called “I’d like to teach the world to sing”. Check it out

Where did this idea that people who are against illegal immigration are hate mongers come from? If supporting the enforcement of laws makes me a supervillan then so be it. People throw the hate title out there as if it’s putting a crucifix before a mythical Dracula.”

I am anti-illegal immigration, not anti-immigration. I believe that I have the right to express myself without being accused of being a racist or hate monger.

My opinions come from my concerns about our national security, jobs for citizens and legal immigrants, saving our communities from third-world standards and demanding what is best for America above the political and business self-interest. Where do your beliefs come from geoforeal?