Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Legal Immigrants now find more barriers to entry

Applying for permanent residence in the US is a hard process in general. For those who seek residency in the US legally seem to have a lot of trouble. Even though there are various ways that one can apply, often people look for sponsors. Sponsors for applications could be a spouse, a family member, or an employer. These avenues are supposed to make the process easier, however today there is still a struggle even if one has a sponsor. What does it say about our government and immigration process if those who are trying to apply legally for citizenship find constant struggles? Are illegal aliens making this process more difficult for those who are trying to do it legally?

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Anonymous said...

I think it merely says that immigration proceedings are slow and under-staffed. Because of the high influx of immigrants entering the US, there is going to be a long wait; the courts can only hear so many cases at one time. While I am sympathetic to the struggles many immigrants encounter, I would rather the government be too efficient than not efficient enough. And if any immigrants have been involved with criminal activity, they must face that fact that their application process will be negatively affected. This view may sound cynical, but the government's job, in addition to providing a save haven for persecuted individuals, is also to protect its own citizens- and this means thorough investigations of people entering the US. In a post 9/11 environment, can we really afford to throw caution to the wind?