Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Obama to Beef Up Mexico Border Policy

As our borders have become stricter since 9/11 it seems as though President Obama plans to continue the trend of maintaining our nations national security. As recent as Tuesday President Obama announced a plan to increase the structure of our nations borders in order to prevent drug trafficking by our southern neighbor.
By not condoning the admittance illegal drugs or fire-arms enter the U.S. from Mexico via the major drug cartels, which were deemed extremely dangerous and out of control, President Obama is sending a strong message of disapproval to the cartels themselves, but the Mexican government as well. The plan announced last year allots 7 million dollars towards the relief efforts in protecting our borders.
All of this comes days before Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, is scheduled to visit Mexico City, and President Obama to visit shortly after sometime next month. By increasing the protection at the border, is President Obama through his actions endangering his diplomatic standing/relationship with Mexico?


calisunshine said...

This is a tough situation given the severity of the seemingly never ending violence in Mexico that has now begun to spread across the border into the United States. A lot of the problem originates from the US side of the border as Americans are sending weapons to Mexican drug cartels. Thus, the human rights situation is two-fold: stopping the violence in Mexico. while also protecting Americans from the violence that is now spilling over into American border cities. President Obama seems to have an increasingly difficult situation ahead of him. Either way, I think human rights are currently being violated and will continue to be violated if the United States does not come up with a comprehensive plan to help Mexico combat the drug cartels. We need to work together. Border security necessitates help from Mexico. Therefore, our relationship with Mexico should not be harmed.

Elle said...

President Obama is not offending Mexico at all! If fact, the U.S. is pouring money into Latin America to fight a "drug war." Much of this new money will go towards funding Mexican surveillance equipment and training. I think that Obama is putting attention where it is needed: on BOTH sides of the border. The fact that he is funding Mexican security efforts as well as those of the U.S. is notable. By training and equipping Mexican law enforcement officials, the plan will empower local residents to take action. This is a very important move from a powerful neighbor. By giving money, Obama is showing that he trusts the Mexican government's ability to be an ally in the war. Furthermore, Obama also understands that lax U.S. gun policies are partly to blame. It's rare that a U.S. president claim responsibility for any international issue. This admittance and demonstrated willingness to work with Mexico are positive first steps in solving this problem.