Thursday, April 30, 2009

Human Wrongs For the Sake of Human Rights?

A new report was released recently about the usage of waterboarding on suspected Al Qaeda suspects. CIA is reported to have waterboarded these two suspects a total of 266 times. Previously, ABC news reported that these suspects were waterboarded only once. These inconsistencies put to question the nature of the President Bush’s policies. President Obama has discouraged and condemned these acts.

Some are very angry at President Obama’s reaction and some say inaction about the subject. Meanwhile, some still argue that the wrong thing done for the right reason is still justified. Torture has clearly shown not to deliver accurate results. Does torture derive from the indignant feelings felt by the torturers? Is torture ever justified? We have been evaluating torture in third world countries for our asylum cases. When we evaluate torture by our own country, is it ever justified? Is it justified anywhere? Does the use of torture change based on countries’ economic standing? Is torture ever tolerable?


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