Friday, September 23, 2011

Australian immigration policies

An interesting and disturbing report on changing Australian immigration policies.
"Australia's resumed push to swap asylum-seekers arriving by boat with refugees from Malaysia is the government's most recent policy response to an issue that has preoccupied officials and the public for years.

Under the so-called "Malaysia Solution", Australia would exchange the next 800 refugees to arrive by boat for 4,000 mostly Burmese, in Malaysia. On 31 August, the High Court ruled against it, declaring the proposal invalid, a decision welcomed by rights groups such as the Refugee Council of Australia." To read more, follow the link above.
Is this a viable solution? An ethical one? Should the U.S. adopt something similar with Canada?

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arabianknight said...

This is definitely an interesting idea to ponder upon. Last week, I dedicated my blog to the same issue, titled "Swapping Refugees?" When reading from the perspective of the people who proposed it, it was done with the correct intention -to speed up the process and ensure asylum seekers are being tried. But when one surrenders their refugees to another nation, they have to realize that not every country follows the 'universal laws,' hence, judgement will be different. Some activist groups in Australia have also argued that by swapping, Australia is taking rights away from the asylum seekers.