Thursday, October 06, 2011

Charity of the Week: Nashville International Center for Empowerment

Sometimes, in all the stories about horrific massacres and human rights abuses, we miss the good that humans do. While I was studying abroad in Israel, I met an American from Nashville, Tennessee. She told me that she worked with a non-profit who helped Sudanese refugees to acclimate to their new lives in America. Imagining wandering the streets of Nashville without knowing a word of English sounds pretty scary, but that's what the Nashville International Center for Empowerment is meant to solve. From teaching English to helping immigrants get their first jobs, NICE is a catch-all non-profit organization that can be a godsend for desperate refugees. It's good to know that even if the American government may not be providing much-needed help to these people, compassionate private citizens can and do step in to fill the gap.

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Redspect said...

"If you haven't any charity in your heart you have the worst kind of heart trouble" to cure it Help people, let's unite for one good cause, be a volunteer"save lives"!