Tuesday, November 15, 2011

East Africa continues to struggle

The tragedy unfolding in East Africa has escalated in recent days, the BBC reports, as aid workers have been abducted from UN refugee camps, rain and flooding has hampered resettlement and medical operations, and a cholera outbreak has added to the treatment responsibilities of international organizations already spread thin throughout the region.

Food shortages, primarily in Somalia, have driven millions of people from their homes and communities and into neighboring Kenya and Ethiopia, nations facing many of the same problems but which posses the functional central governments required to handle such catastrophes that Somalia has lacked for decades. What makes this situation so tragic is that fleeing certain death has only bred more hardship, a dark irony that underscores the instability and lack of socioeconomic opportunity that plagues the region.

How are refugees supposed to seek a better life if they cannot even find sufficient services in a refugee camp? One might even ask if the situation there is better than the one they left behind.

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Cosima said...

Even though this suggestion might be unrealistic, the UN needs to come together and create more refugee camps in East Africa. the UN also needs to regulate and stick to a capacity limit in order to allow for all the refugees in each camp to receive an appropriate amount of food and medical supplies. Something needs to be done fast so that refugees can have a chance of surviving