Thursday, December 01, 2011

Uncertain Future for Coptic Christians in Egypt

"Some members of Egypt’s Coptic Christian minority — about 10 percent of the population — joked Wednesday that they would prepare to leave the country."

I suspect that the Coptic Christian population was more desperate, honest, and hopeful than "joking”. Just yesterday, in Egypt's first election since Mubarak was ousted of power, the Muslim Brotherhood gained control of nearly 65 percent of the parliamentary seats. This does not bode well for the minority, Coptic Christians, at all. Since the Mubarak regime was ousted of power, the Muslim extremists have actively persecuted Coptic Christians - burned down churches, murdered and tortured, and hurled Molotov cocktails at homes. The ruling military acquiesced to this persecution, and at times even joined in by encouraging violence against Coptic Christians on nationwide news stations, and running over Copt protestors with military vehicles. With the Muslim Brotherhood in power, Coptic Christian persecution could become even worse. No one really knows how bad things could get in Egypt. Some Coptic Christians in the United States even predict genocide in Egypt against Coptic Christians.

The situation in Egypt is horrible; which makes me feel even more thankful for earlier today. This afternoon in Philadelphia, a 19-year-old Coptic Christian student from Egypt, who I along with two other class members have been helping over the past two months, was granted asylum. He is a respectful, hardworking, intelligent, and nice person. Had he lost his case, he would have been sent back to the chaos in Egypt, and subject of even more torture than he already has experienced. I feel thankful that we prevented this 19 year-old not having to "joke" about leaving Egypt; but actually make it a reality.


Andrew B. said...

I am so grateful Peter was able to escape Egypt and be permitted to stay in America. I hope his family is safe, and hope the US remains welcome for anyone else who may need to flee Egypt to America.

Anne said...

This is wonderful news! Looking at the deportation rates for the immigration judges had me feeling a little discouraged about whether any of our cases stand a chance, but this gives us all a little hope.

hotpinknails said...

Congrats to him (and to you all)! Peter's story really resonated with me and I was personally rooting for him. I'm so happy to hear that his claim was granted! And kudos to you, Ross and Dom for the hard work you all put in!

SWATTY said...

Hey I never knew that we could comment on our particular issue otherwise I would've have millions of blogs!
I am extremely grateful that he is out of Egypt. I think it's sad that he is separated from his family and friends but hey he is in America where he can practice his religion freely!
Thanks guys for all your support and kudos to Andrew and Ross =)