Monday, March 27, 2006

Missing Athletes Fear Reprisals

In this article, multiple missing athletes have been reported to Australian immigration officials since the Commonwealth Games took place in Australia. Missing athletes have been determined to be from Cameroon, Tanzania, Bangladesh and Sierra Leone. Most interestingly, fourteen Sierra Leone athletes became fugitives and the athletes bridging visas expire on April 13, 2006.

Yet many of the athletes do have a "credible fear of persecution" and strong cases. One Sierra Leone athlete lost his twelve year old brother to government officials when he was forcibly returned. Three females from Sierra Leone face being forced into FGM when they return. "They have both been told when they get home they are next." How much more evidence do we need to determine torture or persecution is specifically intended? I think that if I was told that I was to be killed or forced into FGM and was granted a visa to go to another country I would not want to leave either.

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