Monday, April 24, 2006

Bush pushes immigrations reform as Congress returns from break

This is the one of the most recent updates on U.S. immigration policy (following up on Stacy's post). Bush is calling for some sort of middle ground because he believes that it is impossible to send back 11 million illegal aliens, but also is concerned with letting immigrants in to work legally. Bush is currently pushing a bill to allow more foreigners to legally work in the United States, but Conservatives and Democrats have a list of amendments they want to consider. Senator Specter believes differences in opinions will be worked out and that a bill will be passed. Yet Specter does realize that the American immigration system has been broken down and that this bill will not be a quick fix if all problems are not addressed. What will Americans think if this bill is passed? Will they finally voice their opinion? Is this going to be an example of Americans only caring about an issue when that particular issue becomes a controversial topic in the public sphere?

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Robyn said...

wow! i'm actually sort of surprised by that article. i am in total agreement with President Bush that the United States can be both a lawful and a compassionate nation. I am also in agreement that there is no way that the United States can deport the 11 million foreigners living in this country. And I also agree that there needs to be some sort of middle ground between opening the flood gates and building a fence that will isolate us from the rest of the world. I actually cannot really believe that I agree with President Bush on so many points.
With that said, I hope that Congress will be open to passing some sort of temporary guest worker program. Immigrants to our country definitely help the economy and many are willing to take the jobs that Americans are not. So the claim that immigrants or foreigners are taking jobs away from Americans is totally false. To turn away or deport all foreigners from the United States would not only be wrong, but would also greatly hurt our economy.