Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Immigrant Raids

I found an interesting article explaining how 1,000 illegal immigrants were recently arrested from multiple locations in several different states. The article also explains that 9 individuals from the firm employing the immigrants were charged. The 9 individuals knowingly employed the illegal immigrants, asking them to doctor their W-2 tax forms or telling them they did not need to fill out any forms. It's one thing to be unaware of employing illegal immigrants if they seem to have a legitimate social security number, but it is another thing to actually be aware of their status and agree to employ them. It will be interesting to see how increasing penalties for the employers of illegal immigrants will impact illegal immigrantion in the US overall. Will it help? Will it just put more people on the street? It seems like it is too early to tell, but maybe it is best for those Americans enabling illegal immigrants to live in our country to face some consequences.


stacy h said...

Here is another article very similar to the one I blogged about. However, this article states that the Bush Administration had made a new strategy aimed at companies employing illegal immigrants. Read more about it at:

Noor M said...

It will be interesting to see the effects of a stricter policy on the degree to which American firms agree to abide by immigration laws. However, there are always loppholes in the law, and people can get away with flouting the law to a certain extenet. This is clearly evident, with the large numbers of illegal workers in the US. Parallel to this quetion is, of course, the idea that instead of cracking down on comapnies that hire illegal workers, maybe the quota of workers allowed into the countries should be increased at least, up to the level, that the economy needs it.